Monday, March 6, 2017

Playing with fabric squares

  Just some play time over the weekend produced some large units for a watercolor...of sorts.   I had some short type pieces of fusible interfacing that I use in the watercolor wall hanging.   I cut the interfacing  to 14'' square pieces and just started laying out  2'' squares of my floral fabrics.   These 6 pieces are fused but not sewn yet.
   Each large section is just blended from diagonal corner to the opposite corner....dark to light value.  I pinned them to the design wall after I pressed the squares down.    Now this could be interesting......if I changed them around a little.

  This layout is spaced out a bit, maybe for a sashing or a floral strip to join.  I am not sure yet.  But I like this layout better.   This could turn into a nice lap quilt.....I will think about it :)

  For me, this is stress relief.  I am sure it would induce panic in some.  Wonder if I have some more interfacing.....!

  The 9 patch blocks are all joined......I thought I would leave it borderless.....but it looks so unfinished, and forlorn.  I need to let it simmer a while, and that lead to the playtime with squares.  No thinking required.   Happy stitching.  


  1. I love this, the 14 inch blocks sounds like there's a lot of playing with layout there, but is it harder to do on a smaller scale?

  2. It is funny how what is stress relief for you would be stress inducing for me. Of course warping a loom might be stressful for you - for me it is meditative.

  3. Playing with squares of floral fabric is definitely a stress reliever!!

  4. This is your kind of stress relief! The shading in the blocks is beautiful.
    I think the shot where the blocks are spaced makes it look like peering out a divided window. : )

  5. I love playing with small squares of fabric as a stress reliever, but I do not have your WaterColor talent.

  6. All the blocks are beautiful. I am sure whatever layout you decide, it will be gorgeous.

  7. I love those blocks. I think I like them spaced better than without spacing. I would put some sort of border on if it were mine. Funny how we all think differently. Everything you touch seems to turn out gorgeous. You will find what you like soon.


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