Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The 9 patch top

  A few rays of sunlight this morning gave me the chance for some photos of the 9
patch top.  Looking at the photos I had to giggle a bit.  I am sure Janet at Rogue Quilter will know why immediately.    She commented on my last quilt of circles  that she caught the colorwash effect I got by grouping the values together.     I really put this one together randomly.....with no thought to grouping colors or values.  And right off I see dark values at the top and  It is who  I am and what I do.  I can't escape it.
   One minute I think ....add a border.  And the next I think no.  I am going with no border as it is 58'' by 63''.  That is large enough for me to deal with, any larger and I would struggle with it.   That's settled!

   I have been sorting through some magazines......For projects for Sir Old Man.    I found several, but these 2 I am very interested in.  The small cabinet is needed in the sunroom for storing table runners, place mats, and etc.  The bookcase.....we always need a bookcase :)
   A few projects should occupy him for the spring and summer.  A small system is going into the shop that should take care of the heat/cool and the humidity.  That tax refund at work....!

Confessions of a Fabric Addict: Stunning Stars #6 - "A Star Is Born"!  Tutorial for this one!:
From Confessions of a Fabric Addict
    OK....I saw this at Sarah's blog,  Confessions of a Fabric Addict .   She created the cutest baby quilt in her Stunning Stars series.  So simple and so striking.  She used 6.5'' squares and shares a super tutorial.  This one is too good to pass by.  Be sure to visit and say hello.    I could see lots of variations....string stars on darks, plaid stars for men, and floral stars for me!!  Thanks, Sarah, for sharing.

 Happy stitching.


  1. Even in the thumbnail on my reader, before I clicked to the post, I saw the colorwash effect of the layout. It is who you are.
    I follow Sarah's blog and have loved the Stunning Stars quilt along - even though I haven't made any of them.

  2. Love your 9-patch and I picked up on the color wash effect right away! I also saw it in my blog feed and knew it was your post before I saw a name. If Sir Old Man ever needs projects, I'm sure I can find a few... ~Jeanne

  3. Love the nine patch. Do you use the strip method to make the 9 patches or do you piece every square? It just looks so happy!

  4. The colorwash effect is so you, and that is so good. There are several bloggers whose personal style is so evident in every single quilt they make, and it is what makes their blogs so interesting to read! Sir Old Man would never lack for work if he chose to branch out! I used to love looking through Woodsmith magazines, such gorgeous craftsmanship.

  5. I always thought you can do colorwash in your sleep while the rest of us have to study and move blocks, LOL. I love, love the idea of looking through beautiful furniture and just handing Sir Old Man a magazine saying "I want this". I really need to borrow that man.

  6. I love the layout, and I also saw the colorwash effect quickly.

  7. Oh, I love that quilt. Now I want one to make one, because what I really need is more projects.

  8. LOL--saw it before I even read your post! Some things just come naturally to some. : )
    It is such a crisp, clean, fresh feeling quilt. Needs no border in my book.
    I am SO jealous that you can look through those magazines and Sir Old Man just waits for you to choose his next project. I love wood furniture, and at times look around my home and think I really need to stop bringing it home, so there are a few soft places left in the house.
    Those two projects you have selected make my mouth water--and I love that rocker next to the bookcase, too!

  9. Nice! I've got a bookcase set "on order" with my hubby, too. Just have to wait for him to make a detailed home sign for a coworker first. What is the system you're putting in the garage? I know Scott could sure use help with heat/cool there. Humidity is not such a factor for him here, but temp sure can be. And your 9-patch looks great with the way they fell together!

  10. Ah, the border dilemma. You know I prefer borders but really do think this would look great either way. Beautiful!


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