Saturday, April 1, 2017

New month, more plans

   I am glad March is behind face/jaw is back to normal size, and antibiotics will be finished up today.  Time to look ahead and make new plans.

 I did well getting thru the plans for the month, all done with no new starts.
  Quilts are stacked for the guild program and handouts and packets ready for the workshop.

   March had a finish.....
Lavender Scents, the floral bargello.  This is a small size lap quilt, 38'' by 50''.

  Watercolor blocks.....12 completed.  I plan on getting them joined with sashing for a small top.

   And a final assembly to a top for the 9 patch blocks.  I also cut and made the binding for this quilt.  I will be using  2 fabrics to make a flange  binding.  This quilt top is 59'' by 63'', so it will be the quilt project of the

  I am keeping plans on the light side for April......

  • Pin and quilt the 9 patch.
  • Add sashing and join the watercolor blocks.
  • Continue leader/ender 4 patch units.
  • Guild program for Busy Bees Guild.
  • Workshop for Busy Bee group.
And some yard work needs to be done.....right now I am pulling weeds in the front bed after the tree crew removed two trees and a few over grown shrubs. They will return next week to finish in the back.
Knock on wood....I return to the dentist for the crown in 3 weeks.

Today is April Fools for most people.....but it is Happy Birthday to our daughter. 
Happy stitching.


  1. It sounds like a busy month ahead for you, despite keeping your plans "light." I'm looking forward to seeing how you quilt the nine-patch! Enjoy the warmer weather and the chance to get out in the fresh air, it is still cold and wet in our northern climes!

  2. I hope your April is great (with no new health problems!)
    A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your daughter.

  3. I need to get into the garden today too, I have some garden clean up to do. Our last frost date is still two weeks away, so no planting yet. Plus I have a quilt to get quilted.

  4. Every time I see that nine patch I like it more, I think it's your signature color style :)
    Happy Birthday to your girl and happy day to you, the day that changed your life forever and better.
    Our spring is gone and summer is here, I've been working in the yard every spare second getting everything healthy and controlled before the heat gets too bad.

  5. You had a good month despite your dental problems. Good for you with no new starts. I wonder if I could do that.......I doubt it.

  6. Love those watercolor blocks. Good to hear your getting back to normal.

  7. Your watercolor work leaves me in awe. Take care of yourself. Sometimes that slow spell is just what we need.

  8. If that is a "light" month, my plans are next to nothing!! : )
    Beautiful finish, Debbie.
    I wish you well with your presentation, and I look forward to seeing how you choose to quilt the 9-patch.

  9. Your guild program and class will go well. I like that 9 patch quilt top.

  10. It sounds like you are ready for April. Your light side for April sounds pretty heavy to me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DEANA! Seems like yard work never ends. Every day there is something else to do. Spring came soon here.

  11. Pleased the antibiotics have done their job! More of your beautiful watercolour photos, I always enjoy looking at these.
    I think I should follow your example and make a plan of action at the beginning of each month, perhaps this will help me to stay focused.

  12. Hooray, for sure, for a normal-size face again! Happy Birthday to your daughter. And I need to get a plan together for Q2 and April. . .

  13. I always love your colorwash projects. It sounds like April will be busy.

  14. Happy April! And Happy Birthday to your daughter. I hope this is a better month for you. I always love your quilts and that 9-patch is really drawing me to it. ~Jeanne

  15. Love your bargello quilt, and can't wait to see your watercolor one finished. Great job on your 9-patch! Dental work is never fun, but you'll be glad you're getting fixed up. ---"Love"

  16. The bargello is beautiful and the 9-patch--how fun! (So many quilts, so little time!). Happy belated birthday to your daughter, and sorry about those dentist woes. Not cooll!


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