Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Early morning inspiration

      First let me explain the reference to DH as Sir Old Man.  What do you give a guy when he turns 65, who  has every tool--big and small--that he needs, and who has a  designer daughter that takes him shopping and keeps him well dressed?  Exactly my position this week.   A sign hangs over his shop that reads  "the old man's garage" and that gave me the idea  to grant him a title befitting him  of  "Sir Old Man".  He can now say he is a titled Englishman. :)
     This morning the weather was perfect, cool and a slight breeze.  So coffee and scissors in hand, I went out to enjoy the garden and cut some rosemary for bread.   And I went right back in for the camera.   The callas are blooming....I love the shape and color and the leaves are striking.


  The purple cone flowers are in full bloom too.  The petals droop and look like a draped skirt on some of them.  This clump was unexpected....the finches must have sown the seeds for me. 

When I got to the bottom of the hill and looked back, I found a wonderful clump of day lilies.  Their strapping leaves over hanging the rough stone wall have a strong  contrast in texture and value.  So short lived--only for a day--- that I think they deserve to become a wall hanging.   I started taking photos of all the different day lilies in the yard.  

   I will do a couple of sketches, as  I  have a real strong visual in my head.  Hope I can translate it to fabric. 
Now, I better go cut the rosemary---if I can find the snips.
Happy stitching.


Dolores said...

Great looking garden. I love those calla lilies. I wish I had some to ogle.

Lynne said...

Thank you I needed some floral eye candy to brighten this winter grey, grey, grey!

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