Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A very scrappy Double 4 Patch

    Several years ago, I saved the instructions for the Double Four Patch quilt that  I found  here at Mary Quilts.    Matter of fact, I have saved lots of her instructions as they are clear, and concise, and easy to print.

  A good variety of layouts for the Double 4 Patch can be found on Pinterest.  Here is the link to my board for some I found.   And there are some very beautiful ones based on color and not scraps.

  Last week I had a question about how to select the fabrics when putting the block units together....randomly select a dark and a light?.......was the actual context.   Answer......Ummmm, yes and no.  I don't really delight in being confusing, but sometimes things are not so cut and dried.

  This is the photo I shared for  my scrappy version.  On the left are 2 patch pieces, obviously dark and light, that are ready to become 4 patch units (paired sets in the center above the clothes pin).

Then on the right some 4 patch units sewn with large squares above.   Look again at the 4 patch unit that is sewn.  The print squares are  not true dark values, but rather relatively dark because they are placed next to very real/true light squares.

  Searching thru the stack I found a few more blocks/examples to talk about.    First note the variety of the "light" squares......tan, cream, beige background or neutral prints.   There is even one  that has some obvious dark  there on the right.......the major part of it can be called light. 
  I usually think about Bonnie Hunter's standard.......anything lighter than a brown paper bag goes for the neutral.....even with peeks and pops of other colors.   So a couple of the darks in the upper right hand unit are a bit too brown to fit the light spot.   I decided to put them in as a dark fabric value.

     Then look at the lower left corner......I put that print in the dark spot of the arrangement.   Two reasons:
  •  1. Light background but enough of the dark print is showing....over 50%.  That pushed it to the dark slot for me.   
  •  2.  The  use of lower contrast--in this case, the background blends a lot---can give the element of surprise that pleases the eye.    In vintage quilts you often find fabrics arrangement like that.  It could have been luck, but I prefer to think they had a delightful sense of value and design :)

   Dark selection.....easy.  Dark to light, and again note that I throw some neutrals in that have some color to them, although the color is quite faint.   So for strong darks.....yes, use the random selection for a very scrappy look.  

   A very scrappy look, I say.  Guess you need to see what I mean.   
   This is what is on the design wall of the few blocks I put together already.   For my set/layout, I want the darks, big and small parts, moving up and to the right.  All the lights will be set to move to the left.  

  It doesn't look like much yet, but I love the look in real life!  You can get the idea of the unexpected  effect in some of the blocks.  

    And now that I have brought more confusion probably to this, I will just go sew a few 4 patches.   Happy stitching.


Gene Black said...

How fun. The blocks are simple but really can make a classic chain type quilt. I vaguely saw the chain in yours - but at the link to Mary's quilts it became obvious. Now I see it clearly in yours.

Cheree @ That Morning Latte said...

I like the paper bag test idea. I tend to prefer dark neutrals anyway—I think it works for the rich tones I usually work with. Did you mention what size these squares are? Just curious. I have a pile of scrappy squares I’ve been adding to for awhile now. I also always wonder how well these all go together—versus say strip piecing. I suppose it’s just a matter of accurate 1/4” and all that which I’m totally up for...as soon as I get my machine tuned (and I’m struggling to let go of it for a couple weeks!),

Louise said...

Makes sense to me!

Mary said...

I do love a scrappy quilt and this one looks like fun to make.

Linda Swanekamp said...

You always get me going on the scrappy. I ended up looking at Mary's site way too long. Oh, there is so much to make! I make 4 patches all the time as leader/enders, so I have a bunch. I use a lot of them for my pocket quilts also. Great explanation!

Quilting Babcia said...

I really love scrappy blocks, and that reference to brown paper bags is a good one. Thanks for sharing these little instructional posts!

Janet O. said...

You explained things very well. I think scrap quilts have more depth and personality when you use the selection method you describe.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I saved some of your pins. Thanks.

Mystic Quilter said...

I love scrappy so this double four patch of yours hits the spot and I love how you have the darks and light moving in different directions, so very effective!

Nicki said...

Thanks for another good lesson in making 4 patches. I really appreciate the "paper bag" method to determine what falls into the neutral group. That's something that will stick with me from now on.

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