Saturday, October 7, 2017

Question on value

  I had a comment with a question about how to determine value of fabric.  Since she could not find a Ruby Beholder locally, this commenter bought some red cellophane and tried that instead.    Red cellophane is not exactly the same as a value viewer.  It tends to be mis-leading especially for blue-green and turquoise.  ( Thanks, Linda, for helping with this info:)

  I also use this technique for value determination with a black and white photo.  Turn your photo to B&W and the gray scale will really show the value. 
Range of floral fabrics

Same fabrics in B&W gray scale

I saved this lesson on Value by Karen Combs.   She designed a red/green set of a  Value Viewer and explains how to use it too. 
   One thing I will note on the use of any style value viewer is look through the colored glass.  Once again, look through it.   I had students in class try to lay the tool on the fabric to determine value.  It doesn't work that way.....hold the viewer up to your eyes and look thru it.  

  Another point that Karen makes is that some fabrics may be light or medium to dark....depending on what fabric it is placed next to.    Sometimes value is relative!  With multi-print fabrics it may sometimes be very hard to class them on their own.  It is very helpful to place them on the table or design wall next to each other.....even just overlap them.  Look at them and the determination can be made easier.  

The last part of the question referred to selecting fabrics for my leader ender project.  I do have some thoughts on that to talk about, but I must hold them till next week.  My brother and growing up big-time nephew just got in, and I want to visit a bit.  Till then, keep stitching.


Barbara said...

Interesting info. Thanks.

Gene Black said...

Yes! Value and color are both relative. I use my cellphone camera as a value viewer when I can't decide. It is easy and always available. I think Instagram has a filter that is essentially a gray-scale.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

We found some people have trouble viewing with the film (me included), so use the gray-scale photos with cellphone cameras. Great information

Janet O. said...

You are the best person to answer this kind of question.
Hope you had a good visit with brother and nephew. :)

Nicki said...

This was a very informative blog today. Thank you for all the info you shared.

Quilting Babcia said...

Great info, especially using the B&W photo, which I've tried in the past. Hope you and yours had a great visit!

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