Saturday, November 28, 2015

November Let's Book It!

   This is the last report for Let's Book It for this year.   My project has been hanging around for a few months.  OK, more than a few months.  It has been on going since July.   But that's just fine for a Book It finishes are required.

  But I did get it to the flimsy stage.  And all the birds are flying in one direction!   I love the softer tones in this one.  It will need a border or two as it is smallish, only 32'' by 44''.  I will think on that through the holidays and see what comes up.  For now it will go on a hanger to free up some design wall space.  

Because those crazy orange peels need some room to grow.   I think I started this one in September and I just keep adding a few every week or so.  Eventually I will call it done, but for now a few more won't hurt.

  I caved in and picked up a few paisleys for my collection.  See I do use things other than florals.   I only got a yard of these three.....

  But I hit the Jackpot on these two!  End of the bolt jackpot means there was less than a yard after my I got it all! One was about 3/4 of a yard extra, and the other was about 1/2 yard.  So I was a happy camper.  Fabrics are from

  I plan on using one of these in a Blooming Nine patch after the first of the year.....providing I don't get sidetracked!   So I got 3 yards of both....just to be on the safe side and the jackpot extra is icing on the cake!  And that gives me 5 new fabrics to make orange peels.

   Back to Let's Book It....... Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts  says we need a month off for the busy Christmas season.  So this is the final link for this year.  Drop by and see the cute basket wall hanging she started for the month.  And I hope you will make plans to join in next year and make up a few items in your files of patterns.  
  first it is time to wash up some fabric.....then happy stitching.


  1. The 'birds' are looking good as well as the peels. I love paisleys and you got some good stuff there.

  2. Very pretty new fabrics. I love paisley, but never seem to find a way to work them into a quilt. Your Birds in the Air and Orange peel projects look great. Hope you can work in some stitching time over the holidays.

  3. No one ever said we are in a race. Progress is progress and these are so very pretty. I love the new fabrics. I'm glad I'm not the only one indulging in a little retail therapy. Enjoy!

  4. Don't you just love it when you buy from the end of a bolt? What a great deal you got on your paisley prints. Your birds & orange peels are looing great. Some projects just take a bit longer than others & of course life gets in the way sometimes also. :(

  5. Your book it project is so pretty. I love your color palette--it is so peaceful to me.
    Orange peels are looking nice.
    And you really scored in the fabric department!

  6. Good morning Debbie and hope you and your family enjoy a happy and joyful Merry Christmas. I will look forward to the New Year, when you resume posting on your blog. Have a fantastic December, free from blogging.

  7. I do love the colors in the birds, they seem to have an undertone that makes them match so beautifully, does that make sense? The orange peels just keep getting more gorgeous and the watercolor glow is happening, love them.


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