Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Class in Columbia

What a fun group of quilters, The Greater Columbia Quilt Guild  I met in Columbia, SC for a trunk show and class.  I forget how inspiring it can be to see what other guilds are doing.  I loved their show and share projects.
 Plus I got to meet fellow bloggers, Elizabeth and Jeanne.  

Elizabeth did a quick post today about my visit......and I snatched a couple of photos from her.  With this large class,  I was too busy pointing and blending to take photos!

  Martha was learning how to use a value viewer.   She had the center focal point established and needed to blend to the dark areas with medium value fabrics.

  Lynne just jumped on the horse and rode away with her design.  We talked about using "sprigy" fabrics, which she needs to add, to blend from the light to darker areas.

  I always get more out of teaching a class than the students realize.  This technique is like breathing to me.  I need to remember that there is a strong and long learning curve to the process.
To that end, I plan on working up a couple of post that will focus on blending fabrics.  It is more than the print, it also includes the background of the fabric.   Another post will cover fabric selection..... many of us are afraid of dark fabrics, yet they are so important in our quilts.
  And lastly, Elizabeth stole the day for me with her stackable storage bins for 2" squares!    I plan on visiting the fishing tackle department very soon to see what I can find.

  I need to finish unpacking the stuff.  Then I am making cornbread dressing for next week.  I like to make it in advance and freeze it.  Just one chore/dish made ahead for Turkey Day.
  And a huge, big thank you, hugs and kisses, to Sir Old Man.  This trip would not be possible without him.  He's a greater supporter/holder of quilts/ driver/transporter of supplies, and all round good guy.  Got the idea?  He is why I make cornbread dressing...grin.
Happy stitching.


Karen said...

I used to belong to the evening group that is part of this guild when I lived in Columbia. A very good guild.

Dana Gaffney said...

Well it sounds like you had a really good time, I can't believe it's already over, seems like it came and went so fast. Now you have me thinking about making my stuffing early, one less thing to do on the big day.

Mary said...

I love visiting other guilds too. Your students had a great teacher!

Vicki said...

Enjoyed your visit. So much fun ..

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

I wish I could take a class with you Debbie, Watercolor quilts are something I just can't get my head around. I really, really think they are beautiful, my brain just doesn't work when I try to make one :)

Jeanne said...

Debbie, this is a very much delayed message, but we enjoyed your class so much and the beautiful quilts that we saw at the general meeting.
Since it's now January, I'll take the opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year!

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