Thursday, November 5, 2015

Trunk Show coming

I was hoping for some sun today for taking good such luck. Still cloudy and some drizzles of rain.  So, instead I am sorting quilts for my trunk show in 2 weeks in Columbia, and setting aside quilts for photos when we get some sun.

  There's an online Trunk Show coming...details here.   Whims and Fancies is hosting it as a giant linky party to your trunk show.   There is also a button on the sidebar.  It begins on November 10.....that's enough notice to put together a post of some of your finished quilts or projects....big or small, just finished.

  This block is left over from last month's playing on EQ7.  I haven't gotten any further with making a block or pattern template for cutting.  I labeled it "what is it", and I don't remember why.  It's a one patch block---a split rectangle---- that is not quite a pinwheel.  It's stolen from this pin on Pinterest.   I also saw it made up with black as the background and it is striking.  I hope to work out the size for a couple of versions and come up with a template for cutting.

  Otherwise, I am knee deep in paperwork over this insurance renewal stuff.......I hate this mess.  It gives me a stinking headache and takes away from my sewing time.  I need sunshine.  I need chocolate.  I need some sewing time.  


Janet O. said...

When you said this was a one-patch I had to look twice. Would never have noticed it on my own. Fascinating what you can do with a single shape.
Good luck sloshing through the paperwork, and prepping for your trunk show!

Elizabeth V Kelbaugh said...

I am looking forward to your visit in Columbia and the trunk show.

Mary said...

What a neat looking block! Wish I could be in your part of the world and see your trunk show in person.

Dana Gaffney said...

So exciting that the trunk show is so close, are you nervous? Remember, your quilts are gorgeous and the people attending are so lucky to see them in person.

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