Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What is a mug rug?

   I took a cue from Wanda at Exuberant Color and decided to work on mug rugs this week.   With all the rush and food prepping, those small projects can fill in a couple of hours quickly.

This is the first batch that is now ready for pressing and quilting.  Most of these are test blocks  for the plume technique, along with a couple of strings ones.  I am not using binding for them, as I have used the "birthing technique".    I just sew all the way around the rug and turn it right side out thru an opening in the backing.

  Update:   Question from Linda about the birthing technique I use.....
I understand a regular pillow case technique - pull through and then sew up the edge but you are saying you use two pieces of fabric for the back. I don’t get it! 
Are they two full pieces? It’s not like a pillowcase that you slide a pillow in because that wouldn’t be good for a mug rug. I’m confused. I looked at your post in July and I still don’t understand. 
Sorry for the confusion.  Instead of leaving the opening on the side of the mug rug to turn, I create an opening on the back.  I cut an oversize piece for the backing....then cut it into two pieces.  I then sew it back together leaving an opening for turning.  My hand stitches are getting worse with the arthritis so a few "poor stitches" on the back are not as noticeable as along the edge.  It is an extra step but worth the effort for a neater edge finish.     Also, I do use narrow binding for the larger snack mats.  I sew to the back and turn binding to the front.  I use a blanket stitch to finish that technique off.    These are what are working for me now.  

  I will be giving some of them to guests at a couple of brunches and lunches during December.  Since these are going to non-quilting friends, I plan on including a hang tag to explain what they are.

So, to my quilting friends and bloggers, here's a page of hang tags!  I found a sample on Pinterest that I worked from.   I think you should be able to save the photo and print as a page. I will probably print on card stock before cutting them out to attach to the mug rug.

  My turkey is thawing and other dishes prepped for tomorrow.  That was all possible to Sir Old Man and his clean up help.......for which I am very grateful.
And now I can enjoy finishing a few mug rugs and enjoy a cup of chocolate.
Happy Thanksgiving and happy stitching. 


Janet O. said...

Beautiful mug rugs and a nice job on the tags. Thanks for sharing the page!

Mary said...

You have been productive. They are all lovely and I especially like the dragon fly.

Lynda said...

Love these little mug rugs.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

These are beautiful! You are smart to avoid binding them too.

JanineMarie said...

What a neat idea to avoid having to bind tiny things!

Carole @ From My Carolina Home said...

Cute little mug rugs. One thing I do when using the turning technique with the opening on the side is use a deeper seam allowance (5/8"), turn, then topstitch all the way around at 1/4-inch from the edge. It gives a finished look, and no hand stitching needed at all.

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