Friday, November 20, 2015

Friday Finds.....tip and patterns

   It's Friday again....where did the week go?  I get comments about this feature all the time, so it will continue next year.   I may miss a few weeks during the holiday season, but I will try to pull at least one together for December.
 So if you are new here or even new to blogland, these photos and patterns are not mine.  They are things I pulled from around the blog world and pinned to my Pinterest boards.  Follow the bold link to get to the original source, or see he side bar for the link to Pinterest.

How to clean up stray threads in your sewing room without vacuuming! Perfect!!!:    Got stray threads......on the floor, design wall, by your chair?  And no lint remover around.  Make your own thread grabber.  I found this idea at the Seasoned Homemaker.  She calls it "no-vacuum sewing idea".  I call it smart.
There are a lot of neat ideas on this site.
  The photo is all you a small foam paint roller and a bristly hair roller.  I am adding bristly rollers to my list for the next trip to the $ store.

Update note:   I found the bristly rollers at the $ store---4 for $1. I did not have the paint roller with foam head.....but I did find a foam craft brush.  It is the perfect size for the small hair roller.  Instead of rolling, I just dabbed at the threads.....worked perfect!

   Here is a downloadable project from All People quilt.  I love the chunky baskets....have I shown this before?   If so, it is worth repeating for the season.
It is small enough to put together in a short time.....only about 33'' by 40''.   A good weekend project that would make a cute gift.


For flying geese fans------
A free pattern from Tula Pink.   I am not a big fan of the modern prints, but I do like some of her fun designs.   I love this funky quilt.......maybe it reminds me of how my mind feels some days.  It is aptly named, Misdirection.   Click here to download the pattern.     If nothing else, it is a great inspiration for your own design.

As always, please visit the links given for these patterns and ideas.

 Have a great, or read, or just enjoy your family.   As for me, I am prepping a few dishes for the big Turkey Day meal for the men in my life.  It's how I tell them I love them  :)


Mary said...

I love the no-vacuum sewing idea. I also have carpeting in my sewing area.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

And if you used one of those extended rollers for ceilings - you wouldn't have to bend over with the little hand one - my kind of gadget!! Love the baskets, too. I'm not a Tula fan, but I do like flying geese.

Janet O. said...

What a clever lint grabber!
Misdirection is a great quilt. I can even see doing it in CW fabrics. : )

allthingzsewn said...

great idea, carpet in my sewing room too.

Dana Gaffney said...

My sewing room is the only room in the house with carpet, I need the giant industrial size of that roller. I like both of those quilts, but Tula's fabric always has such great designs I'd hate to cut it into small pieces.

LA Paylor said...

laughing at the lint roller. I should just rub my shirts on the threads as I am almost always covered in threads! LeeAnna

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