Saturday, November 14, 2015

I got to be me.....

  Our first heavy frost was last night and the cactus is in full bloom.  It's a bit early for the blooms, but then everything seems to have a mind of it own.   And things don't always make sense.
   The bombings in Paris last night just left me in shock.  Senseless to destroy so many lives.  Yet that is what terror is all about.    Our world is spinning so fast, and I look to hold on to something that resembles sanity.  Bloom on, cactus.

 On the sewing front,  some birds are in flight!  The top rows are assembled, and the rest are ready to add.
Fly safely.

More Orange Peels.......I know, I know.  I tried re-arranging them in a scattered looked awful to me.  Then I tried an arrangement of like colors---blues, reds, purples, etc.   Just ghastly.
   I came to see that I was not speaking with my voice.  I was trying to re-shape myself.  This is who I be it.  It makes me happy.  Note----I changed the title of this post.

  I have a few more peels to add to make this square....then decide if I want it larger or just to add borders.
Enjoy your weekend, I will be back mid-week....happy stitching. 


  1. It's snowing here this morning and my cactus is just starting to show some bloom. I knew you would have to change those peels and you be happy with that. My furries have hunkered down in their snuggly napping spots and I am trying to 'save' a project for my aunt.

  2. The cactus is beautiful! Used to have one of those and loved it.
    The flying birds are looking good! : )
    Debbie, if you had rearranged those Orange Peel blocks it wouldn't be "you". As it is, you have put your signature touch on those pretty little pieces!

  3. My white Christmas cactus is going bonkers, but the other one is being stubborn, not even any buds! I like the orange peel layout and am glad you took that route.

  4. Paris - horrendous, it feels as if the world has gone mad!
    On the quilting front your two quilts are looking lovely, such soft colours.

  5. I was just looking at my cactus wondering if I'll get any blooms this year, your's is lovely. We have a cold front coming through that will drop us into the low 80's, ahhh the coolness :). Paris is frightening and horrible, I wish the world had some answers for all of the hate and destruction. I really like the layout for the orange peels, it flows with the lights running through the middle.

  6. Cactus will bloom early some years, late others. One bloomed 5 times 2 years ago. I'm just happy to see the indoor color this time of year.

  7. LOVELY peels ! Mine finally died after a decade or so, but it bloomed twice a year...around the holidays and then usually at some point in July.

  8. LOVELY peels ! Mine finally died after a decade or so, but it bloomed twice a year...around the holidays and then usually at some point in July.

  9. I just think your Christmas cactus is so beautiful. After each year of you showing it to us I tell myself I'm going to go out & get one but never have yet. This is the year! I will pick one up the first chance I get. Just think how big mine would have been if I'd purchased one 3 years ago! Your orange peels are coming along nicely. Glad you found an arrangement that you like. Our changing world saddens me.


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