Friday, November 4, 2016

Friday Finds November!

The end of the year approaches already!  So I gathered a few crafted items to share.

These non slip easy sew ribbon bookmarks are fun to make, and stretch to fit your book. These make perfect gifts!
From Sparkles of Sunshine

I admit I like books.  There is something about the written word on the pages I can touch.  No ebooks for me.  I want the real thing.  So when I saw this project it was for me.
    I love these book marks!  From Sparkles of Sunshine  blog.....a good tutorial for making them.  They would be cute gifts, or stocking stuffers.  How about the ribbons we hoard from fat quarter stacks, or other I have a use for them.

Riley Blake Designs Blog: RBD Back-to-School Blog Tour: Scrappy Bookmark DIY:
Anoither version from Riley Blake

  I also saw another version at Riley Blake Designs.  Note---the directions have been removed now :(
Perfect for marking pages in my favorite quilt book or cook book.

Hello everyone! Today I'm sharing a few more of the wine cork ornaments that I made. They really are simple. I just dril...:
Wine Cork Ornaments....from Renlymat's World blog .  I spotted several versions on Pinterest.

Got corks?  Use beads, metal charms, buttons, ribbon, wire to make some ornaments.    You will need a hole drilled through the center of the cork.

And a couple of quilting ideas.......

From Humble Quilts blog
  Humble Quilts shared photos from a quilt show in Aurora, and this one caught my eye.     Not only is the applique unique, but I loved the setting.
    I have plenty of left over 9 patch blocks that do not match.  Now this idea will put leftovers to work, to say nothing of all the leader/ender piecing I seem to do.

This post has been edited to remove possible harmful link.....Thank you, Trish for alerting me.

  Please visit the original site before pinning or linking.  I am just sharing some inspirations.

Remember to set back the clocks tomorrow night......enjoy the weekend.  Happy stitching.


  1. I love those bookmarks and they look so easy, I pinned them and will be making a few, so cute Thanks.

  2. Lots of uses for those cute bookmarks - for gift-wrapping instead of expensive bows, etc.! Love the placemats too. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks - these are some great ideas! I'll be making some bookmarks for sure! ~Jeanne

  4. Thanks for the ideas. The bookmarks would be great for a program at my little quilt guild. We teach each other things, since we can't afford speakers.

  5. I saw those simple mats - perfect to use up some bits in the x-mas tote. And the pretty quilt on Lori's blog - I want to try some simple wool applique on a cotton quilt - this would so work. And the bookmarks would be a fun project with our sewing classes.

  6. Very clever idea for bookmarks! I love real books, too, but I do admit that I download some ebooks for when I am traveling. It is so much easier to have them on my tablet than to pack a bunch of books!
    I believe the quilt pictured on Humble Quilts blog is a Primitive Gatherings design, but I can't recall the name.

  7. Those bookmarks look so easy, pattern not really needed. Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. Love the easy gift ideas. Thank you for sharing and especially since Christmas is coming at warp speed. Someone said Summer went by so fast it should get a speeding ticket! Yeah!!!

  9. I'm a huge reader. I love a real book in my hands but I also love the bonuses from the digital option (instant dictionary, ability to load onto all of our devices so, ie, my husband and I can read the same book at the same time, the ability to get zillions of ebooks from the library free without even leaving the house--especially awesome when I was bedridden--and the big one: if the kids forget to tell me they need a certain book till the last minute--or I forget to get it at the library--I can download it in just a few minutes.) Still, I love to have my favorite books sitting out on the shelves so I'm just happy with all the options I guess! I these book marks a few years ago for a Bible study group I hosted at our house. I like that they don't fall out, causing you to lose your page. :o) The ones I made had a thin pocket for holding a pen/pencil, too, since we used them on our journals.

  10. Great bookmarks and I love the idea for the corks! Have to try that! x Teje


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