Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Playing with a watercolor

 I have the two quilts pinned and ready to quilt, but the hands and arm are not cooperating this week.  What I thought was tendinitis is really carpel tunnel and this week is painful.  So....guiding a quilt around under the needle is not a smart thing to do.  I did manage to get all the Pineapple Blossom blocks together and decided on borders......those will wait until the arm is better.

  What to do?  I had a full day yesterday to enjoy, so play time with floral squares sounded good.
  This close up shows how I move from dark in the upper corner to medium values to a light area.  Variety, variety, variety....never enough to get the cut you need or want to move the design along.

It looked good on the design wall until I took the photo, and I noticed one square that jumped out at me.  You can probably spot the switch I made for a better blend.

  The squares were not sticking as they normally do to the interfacing.....so I pulled out my travel size iron to lightly fused the squares down.    I can press directly onto the design wall because of the foil covered insulation that we used.  It is covered by flannel.

  If I need to change or move a square or two, they are easily pulled off--gently.  The heavy steam and fusing occurs when I am finished and satisfied with the layout.

This is meant to be a long banner, even though I worked on it turned sideways on the design wall.  I see some tweaking I need to do, so it will be on the wall for a few days.  I have therapy today, the Hand Center tomorrow, and another appointment Thursday.  And a banana pudding to make for Remy who is going to be here with his Dad this weekend.   That cuts into the design or sewing time.

And cooler weather has arrived and stayed this week.  It has been nice to open windows in the afternoon.
Enjoy your week and happy stitching.


  1. I just realized how important a design wall is to your work! Good luck at therapy today, and those quilts will wait till you're up to it. :o) Surgery soon?

  2. Hi Debbie! This will be beautiful art quilt! I'm amazed! x Teje

  3. Pretty! Hope your carpel tunnel gets under control within a few days. I know it is painful as I suffer from it too. I never thought to do light fusing on my design wall. Mine should work - I need to remember that! ~Jeanne

  4. I love seeing you work on your watercolor again. Yes, when I compared your two photos I could see the change you made, and why.
    This is so soothing and peaceful to view. Does it feel that way when you work on it? : )
    Is carpal tunnel surgery in your future?

  5. Ваши акварели очень красивые.

  6. I had a lot of carpal tunnel pain back in the 1980s and I read that B-6 would help it. It did help mine and I only occasionally have a flare up now.
    It is good that you have design wall fun to have in between the more physical projects.

  7. I would love a design wall, but two furkids (espcially the one) would have such joy in pulling things down. I love to see you play with the watercolors and share your progress, thoughts, and tips.

  8. I do need to figure out a way that I can have a design wall for my quilting. You are an inspiration.

  9. That is really beautiful, I didn't see the change then it popped out at me, LOL. Yay for Remy and your brother coming to visit.

  10. I hope you get some relief for your hand issues that does not include surgery. I love watching your colorwash quilts come together. This will be a beauty.

  11. Stunning piecing again, such great fabrics : )

  12. I love all you do, your Color Wash is so pretty and well done, I am working on my first of 12 blocks that have color wash in the corners only, with Applique Flowers in the center, so far not too bad, lol


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