Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Floral rail fence

   I had to hunt a bit for the earlier post for when I started this one.  Here is one with the rail fence blocks on the design wall.     Blocks were begun in May as a leader and ender project. 

  It has been pinned and waiting for quilting for a couple of weeks. 

  I used my 2'' floral strips to cut 6 1/2'' pieces.  I planned out the blocks according to value....dark, medium, and light.  Please note, I used 4 strips per block and not the usual 3. 
  So you might find 2 dark, 1 medium, and 1 light strips per blocks.  Or a dark, 2 medium and a light......I decided to be random and not be strict about how many of what value per block. 
 With more attention to value, this could be turned into one of those 3-D designs.  Not for me.....they make my head hurt :0

   Label on the back....per usual.
Quilting can be seen on this photo of the back too......lots of overall swirls.   With this much busy on the front, little quilting can be seen.

   And I used up more strips of floral  fabrics for the mixed binding.

  Finished size is 48'' by 60 ''.

Freshly washed, it is soft and cuddly.   Just right for tonight as the weather finally shifts to almost fall.  Today was a beauty with temps about 70 and tonight in the 40s. 

Happy stitching.


  1. I love a rail fence quilt. I didn't know that there was a "usual" number of strips though.
    The temperatures here have fallen too.

  2. I love your quilts Debbie! And I especially love your blog posts! You explain your process very well! Thanks for everything!

  3. Gorgeous quilt! So inviting. I would love to make one. Your florals are always so happy. Great label- do you print them on special fabric? And your watermark on your photos- how do you add it? I can't use Picmonkey anymore because they went to a paid subscription and am at a loss for editing photos.
    The whole quilt must just be so squeezable!

  4. Your florals are always your happy place. That is the fun thing about rail blocks, you can make as many rails as you like - no rules.

  5. Another great design. I must have enough strips left from the (as yet unfinished) scrappy watercolor trip around the world quilt. Hmmm.
    We had our first real frost last night. Sunday was near 80°, then a strong cold front Sunday night, so yesterday never even reached 50°.

  6. Beautiful finish Debbie, and just in time for the cool weather. 24 degrees this morning, brr!

  7. What a beauty! The first rail fence I have seen in florals and it's yummy.

  8. You do lovely things with your florals! This is another beauty. :)

  9. That quilt is so pretty. It makes me want to pull out my 2" floral strips!

  10. Beautiful quilt!!!! Super!!!! Kisses!!!

  11. What a great use of floral fabrics. A perfect scrappy quilt for this time of year!

  12. I do love your watercolour quilts, this rail fence is particular beautiful.


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