Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Artisan Bread day ends the month

    Once again I overdid it and pushed my joints/wrist/hand beyond a good and sensible level.  I wanted to claim I finished the floral log cabin quilt  this month.   I really worked over  the weekend on the border feathers, and got it done.  Got the binding cut and ready to sew.  Then yesterday I knew I had over done it. 
   So sewing was put on hold yesterday and today and the wrist support was donned.  With the pouring rain (yay!), it made sense to just make some bread.  I found a very simple, no kneading, recipe for crusty artisan bread.  The video made it look easy and tasty. 
   It was simple to assemble, a little stir, and cover.  Eight hours later it filled my bowl. was quite tasty for such a simple effort.  Chewy and a good crust smeared with butter.....yum!
  I did not cook it covered in a dutch oven, but rather made two smaller boules baked on parchment lined pan.  Sir Old man just sprayed/misted with water half way thru the baking. 
   Next time I want to add fresh chopped rosemary with sea salt on the top.

So my month did not end as I envisioned.  Instead July went like this........

  • Garlic Knots top assembled and detail photo of the border.
  •  Cutting and sorting began for the new 2018 leader/ender challenge, Jewel Box Star.
  • Spider Web string blocks were made, and joined into a top.  Border is in the works.
  • Quilted the floral Log Cabin photo yet.

August plans---can you believe it is August already?  Two days of rest and the inflammation is better.....I will be good and rest the wrist the remainder of  this week.  So August plans are simple.  
  •   Finish the log cabin quilt....trim, square and bind.
  •   Finish the spider web string top.....border to be added.
  •   Pin the garlic knots quilt.
  •   Don't forget the coiled baskets for Christmas gifts.

 And I will read and enjoy the rain  for now.  Happy stitching. 


Linda Swanekamp said...

Well, I am jealous for sure- rain and fresh bread. We have been in a drought and I have to keep watering my garden. It never looks as good as when it actually rains. I love fresh bread. My husband is celiac, so I don't bake anything with gluten in it for fear of contaminating the kitchen. Sometimes, when I am near a good bakery, I buy a loaf of crusty goodness and eat it quickly. Sounds like good finishes and progress. I am inching along as I was down in PA three times in July to help my daughter with the baby. All of your work is just grand.

Mary said...

Nothing makes a house smell better than baking bread. I am so glad to hear the inflammation is down and you had a very productive month.

Gene Black said...

Mmmm.. now I really want to try that bread. Four ingredients -and it sounds so simple. I need to get some yeast first though.

Congrats on your finishes and near finishes.

Barbara said...

Your bread looks fantastic.

Louise said...

Oh, yum! I can almost smell that bread from here! I'm glad to hear that a few days of rest have helped your wrists. The thin dark border looks really great on the Garlic Knots. What size is it? I have to remember how dramatic thin borders are and use them more often.

Quilting Babcia said...

Your bread looks fabulous, I'm wishing for a day cool enough to bake some, think I'll add thyme or rosemary to ours, as we love herbed breads. You've accomplished a huge amount of quilty goodness in July! I'm finding it difficult to machine quilt with the high humidity creating such a drag on the fabrics. Hope we all get a break in August.

LA Paylor said...

our hearts want to do more than bodies can sometimes. I meant to leave a comment this morning and forgot after looking at the recipe which looks totally makeable!

Janet O. said...

I am glad you are feeling better, and have given yourself a rest.
You still accomplish so much. I am always impressed.
The bread looks delicious. Before my celiac diagnosis I loved making artisan bread. I liked to throw some dried dill and onion flakes in a batch, but hubby's favorite was a little rye flour and fennel seed in the mix. I have two ovens, and I would make a batch of each, so we were both satisfied. :)

Cheree @ The Morning Latte said...

Hot buttery bread on a rainy day—yum! You got a LOT done in July! Glad you took the time out to rest :)

Elizabeth V Kelbaugh said...

Our bodies do tell us when we do more than we should. Glad you could enjoy something else. I want to try the bread. Thanks for sharing.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I made bread Monday in my bread maker. Sour Cream bread. Great with honey butter on it. I was stupid and helped a friend move Tuesday afternoon (she had to rush, and left most of her furniture). I'm covered in bruises, and have a back ache still. I still haven't gotten back into my sewing room yet. Kinda lost my mojo. Maybe I'll get it back, if I ever go in that room.

Nicki said...

We discovered that very same recipe about a month ago & have been making it like crazy for a while. It's so good & easy. We make ours in about 9 "rolls" instead of a loaf but I'll try a whole loaf next time. To re-crisp up the crust, just slice it & put it in the toaster for a bit....yum!
Your August plans sound doable...just don't overdo! I'm going to start back up on a long awaited UFO for myself this month plus some charity blocks for Covered in Love & some more children's medical face masks.

Mystic Quilter said...

Your bread looks delicious!! Just the sort to have with my roast pumpkin, parsnip, carrot and sweet potato soup. Hope the wrist eases up quickly,

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