Thursday, November 3, 2016

Some bits and pieces

    I finished up a few more Quilty 365 circles that I had partially done.  And then I added  quite a few half circles that I will use on the ends of my staggered rows.  My tally is 275 circles and half circles.  That is good for me considering the year I have had:)
   So all the remaining circles will go into a second quilt.....just adding it to my list of "to-dos".

    Nope, not starting it until I move something else along.  Why?  It's my Rule of 3 in the sewing room.  I mentioned it before and got a ton of questions/comments about it.  I was going to do a post on it and thought to look back into the past.
Here is the post where I completely explain the Rule of 3 and how it came to be.

   I have 2 tops to pin and quilt and one on the design wall.....the pineapple blossoms.  I am letting the blossoms  simmer while I get the other 2 pinned.   Not sure if I want to go any larger, but do think I want a let it simmer a while:)

   I keep 2 journals close to my sewing machine.  The Scrabble cover one is for free motion quilting motifs that I have conquered or used on quilts I have made.  The extra papers in the back are motifs that I want to try my hand at.

  The open journal is my idea and thoughts journal.  I note future plans by month maybe, or list quilt ideas that I want to explore.  And all important....lists of needed things to get/order, ---like fabric, thread, etc.   I am really glad I started these a few years ago, since the lack of  B-12 has affected my short term memory.    The memory has improved but still needs help like my lists.

Clock, Time, Stand By 
   Sir Old Man started it already...... messing with my mind over the time change that happens this weekend.  Just wake me up in time for coffee, okay?
Happy stitching.


  1. I'm loving the pineapple blossoms, the light ones really work with the darks and I'm glad you kept going. I see your possible words for next year and Hope was one I thought of for you, but I'm leaning towards Metamorphosis, not as pretty a word but it fits you as you become a butterfly again :)

  2. Whoops! Hit the publish key too soon. Thank you for the link to your Rule of three. I tried keeping a journal in a spiral notebook, but keep forgetting to add to it. I have my quilting motifs on large index cards with a hole punched in the corner and a notebook ring holding it together. I can easily flip and add to the motifs.

  3. Sigh...when the creative process is involved I simply can't follow rules - even my own.

  4. I love your rule of three. I keep a notebook like you do - have to or things just don't get done.

  5. I like your rule of three...I used to keep a rule of four, then I started the NewFO Challenge, and blew the whole thing out of the water. I'm catching up now, and I'm like you, I allow small projects any time. Slowly paring down the UFO's, and I'll get there eventually. I tried keeping a notebook once, but a whiteboard works better for me. It's on the wall, and always open to the right "page".

  6. I have a terrible habit of scribbling ideas for future projects, books or blogs to read, etc., on scrap reply envelops. I really need to get more organized or at least keep them in one place. Which is really funny because I'm a retired librarian, so you would think organization was my middle name. Ha ha!

  7. I guess I am kind of like Gene. When inspiration knocks me over the head I have a hard time saying no, though I wish I would keep up on finishing those flashes of inspiration. At least then the UFO pile would not keep growing!
    The pineapple blossoms are very pretty!

  8. You get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. We can all use that. I have projects that I need to go thru, from before I had a dedicated sewing space (lost boxes, etc, like you did, but many more). I could never limit myself to just 3 projects, but, maybe 15, if I can get down to that many. I like the piecing part, not the quilting part.

  9. That's a lot of circles & half circles! This year has really been unusual for me, having so many quilts going but I've been pushing hard at finishing these four--should be halfway there by the end of the weekend, perhaps the other two will be quilted by next weekend? Hate the feeling of unfinished things laying around and LOVE the feeling of FINISHING things laying around.

  10. By the way, FALL BACK is one of my favorite days of the year! (tho the time change does mess me up for a while)


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