Friday, December 11, 2009

Shenandoah Colors and Corn Chowder

It's cold here today for us.  That makes it a soup night.  Chicken corn chowder sounds good.  I have a base mix that I order from a place in Virginia.  I add a few ingrdients to cooked chicken and a few spices and onion.  It is so good, especially with home made bread.
We spent a week in the Shenandoah Valley about 2 years ago.  Just browsing and sight seeing.  We found a farmer's market in Harrisonburg and bought all kinds of jams and soup bases and had the best ice cream there.   We visited the Grand Caverns, toured a vineyard, went to the daylily farms, and toured the owner's private gardens, and the Green Valley book sale, of course.  When we got home I decided to capture those memories in colors in a quilt.  Thus the name is  "Shenandoah Colors".  I chose the deep purples and  reds of the vineyards, the golden hues from the daylilies and the Caverns, and the blues of the sky and mountains.   I used a variation of the trip around the world from Eleanor Burns, and blended the colors from light to dark.  And the quilt ended up being King size and we use it on our bed daily.   The photos are of sections of it....I have no place to hang it for a full size photo.

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