Monday, December 14, 2009

Gifts from Deana

When my daughter showed me the scaves she was knitting a couple of weeks ago, I did my usual whine, "When do I get one?".  She brushed me off with the comment that she didn't have time this year.  She's a sly one!  She already had something better planned.  This is the photo of the absolutely beautiful snood that she knitted for me. It has scalloped edges and drapes so nice around the neck.   It was one of the 60 gifts for my birthday....and that's another story.  The snood is like a  cowl-neck scarf that can be pulled up to cover the  ears and head.  I love it, thank you Deana. 
She also gave me a notebook to use as a journal with the  label, My Alaska Trip.  We are planning a week long trip in the spring to Alaska and have booked our tickets.  I thought that was so special and today I made a quilted cover for it.  I used an "orphan" block and added scraps and fabric pieces to make it large enough.  The bluish-purple fabric was perfect to use  because it has scripted journal entries and line drawings on it.  Can't remember how long it has been waiting for a project to be used in.   That is the great thing about a fabric stash, just finding the perfect fabric to  complete a project.   Hope your stash grows often and is replenished with use.

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