Thursday, September 23, 2010


What do you do with a box of 3 1/2" squares?
You make something quick and easy. 
That means 5 squares and 3 seams = a 3 -D Bow Tie  block! 
One evening stitching  produced about 20 blocks.  You need 2 squares for the background and 3 squares for the bow tie.  On a few of my blocks, I actually used a co-ordinating print for the "knot" of the tie because I only had 2 matching squares.   You can use any size squares you want or have.  Larger squares to begin will end up a larger block.  Very quick and scappy and will be a great quilt for charity.

I set a few together-- on the design wall-- in a ring formation.    I need to "de-stash" some more lights for the background by cutting them into 3 1/2" squares. 
Rather than re-invent the wheel or tutorial,  here's a tutorial at Stash Manicure.

Off to de-stash and finish laundry....happy stitching.

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