Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Today was the deadline for quilt show  entry forms.  I fielded at least a dozen calls about entries, as well as faxed and emailed entries.  I now have a  large stack of  entry forms  to log in and get entered.  Just as well that I had something to keep me busy as I have avoided the machine for about 4 days to let my wrist, tendon, and thumb improve........but I began having withdrawal about 2:30 today.  Big Time Withdrawal....
I snuck down the hall, threaded the machine, put on my gloves and Yes!   Quilting on the waterfall and the frog is a  wonderful remedy for fabric and thread withdrawal.    Two hours later I came out of my creative zone  with about 1/3 of the center done.  This is part of the center with lots of swirling lines flowing across the background.  Not perfectly spaced but I do like the effect.   
                                                                                                                                                                  And here is a bit of the back side.   I really like the pale blue fabric on the back and the Isacord thread. 
I am much more relaxed now, and I will be able to face the entry forms tomorrow knowing an hour or so reward in the sewing room awaits.
    Fabric and Thread Withdrawal symptoms include  wandering thoughts (meandering), dots in front of the eyes (stippling), ankle stiffness (where's the  foot pedal?),  the urge to cry (stacked teardrops), restlessness (free motion swirls and curls), and itching  fingers (cotton fabric addition).  If symptoms persist, run to the sewing room.

 Till later,  happy stitching.


Carol said...

Love the symptoms :) The quilting looks very pretty.

Mary Lou Casada said...

I'm hoping to get those symptoms! LOL I've got a Nolting Hobby Quilter accumulating dust because I've been too busy doing other things to get to it -- and get good enough that I WANT to get to it, you know? This week is the week, though. I'm determined to break it in.
Your quilting is gorgeous! I really like the design -- I need to add it to my doodle pad to get it in my brain! LOL
Mary Lou

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