Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Taking in the quilts

A huge stack of quilts, about 65 entries, are layered on the guest bed so far....that means 100 entries to go!  So tomorrow will be a long day.
  And a sewing lesson with Emily this morning.  She completed a pillowcase for the Shriner's Hospital and began a tote bag for herself.  Her "fun work" for the week is to begin her journal including a page for her ideas of things to make, and a page of her favorite colors. 

I am still refining the color wash.  I walk in and move a couple of pieces, change this or that, take a photo and..... then the phone or the doorbell rings.  Point being, I have not gotten much done on this.  Some areas look better and others still need help....lower left and upper right corners for sure.  But that is part of the design process, and I'll just keep at it till it says done.

When Carol dropped off her quilts, she gave me a great tip.  Make a pillowcase to go with the quilts you give to others from the leftover  fabric from the backing.  That way they have a pillow case to use, the quilt is "wrapped" to give in the pillow case, and the quilt can always be rolled and stored  in it when not being used!  Just love the triple benefit in this one.   Happy stitching.


Cheryl said...

Debbie , its looking great , I see you did add some red color to the bottom , I really like this . Also the pillow case idea is wonderful advice,I will have to mention this to my Mom.

Mary Lou Casada said...

Deb, I love seeing your quilt take "shape." :-) Remember I know NOTHING about watercolor quilts, so this is inspiring and educational for me to watch your design evolve. Very, very cool! :-)
Mary Lou

Shelia said...

Thanks for the reminder about the pillowcases. I was just putting a label on a bargello quilt for my uncle who has cancer. I made a pillowcase this morning to put it in. See you soon.

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