Monday, September 13, 2010

The frog and 5 pounds of thread

Maybe that is a slight exaggeration....I  did use 5 bobbins worth to quilt this wall hanging.  It is 44 inches by 37 inches, so that's pretty small for all that thread!  And the frog and dragonfly are thread painted.  So my exaggeration may not be too far off.  I do like how the light moves across  this one, giving a color wash effect. 
Evening Serenade

I decided to call it Evening Serenade because we usually hear the frogs by the falls outside our window each night. 
Insight:  I need a quilt stand to get better photos.  It is hard to crop out fingers and such without distorting the borders.


Mary Lou Casada said...

Oh! he turned out marvelously, didn't he!? I love your name for the quilt. My mom used to say the frog singing was a sign of rain. Your quilt evokes that kind of tranquil feeling, doesn' it!? Well done!
Mary Lou

Carol said...

Lovely title for a very pretty wall hanging :)

Mary Lou Casada said...

After I posted above, I was given a Sunshine Award for my blog! (Who knew!? :-D) It's a kinda "networking" recognition that I'm passing along to you! There more information here on my site:
Mary Lou

Debbie said...

Thanks, Mary Lou....I accept and will pass it on!

Marly said...

Lovely wall hanging. You must be very patient to do all that appliqué and thread painting.

Claire said...

Beautiful color and thread work!

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