Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Scarlett Pimpernel struck!

Actually, I got a double whammy from the Scarlett  Pimpernel  this week. 
Number 1................This is an unfinished project from a class that the SP took.  She saw my Coral Reef wall hanging and said that this needs thread painting and lots of detail.  The colors of the fabric--which I think is hand dyed/painted--are fabulous.   It looks like the sun shining into the ocean depths.  Hmmm....I think it also needs a border area with a sandy bottom to ground it. 

Number 2...............A photo and a challenge.
Now this could be interesting to do!  Again the colors are fabulous and strong and the angles interesting.  I also love the tree bark and texture.  This will require some thought for interpretation, as well as several techniques.  Expect to hear/see more about this.
Insight:  Inspiration takes many forms and often comes from unlikely sources.  The Scarlett Pimpernel is giving me a nudge/push/shove down a more creative path.  Recognize that some times others see you better than you see yourself.

Finally...The Sunshine Award.  I was tagged this morning by Mary Lou.  Thank you, I hope I inspire.   In blogland, the Sunshine Award is  passed to a blogger  who inspired you by  their positive outlook and creativity.  The award must be shared and passed on, which in turn creates a great opportunity to share blogs you like with others.  I will be doing some tagging myself soon.
Happy Stitching.

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